Fabrice Garnier Orthodontiste


Orthodontic Appliances and Techniques

Palatal expansion

Various types of appliances are used to increase the width of the upper jaw to harmonize it with the lower jaw. Ideally, this procedure is performed between 7 and 9 years of age because the bone structure of the palate is more malleable and it enables the teeth to grow in an environment that allows them to be properly positioned. The two bones of the palate do not fuse together until the end of adolescence. Palatal expansion may therefore be done during adolescence. In adults, once the palate has fused, the treatment is still possible, but it requires surgery to reproduce the separation between the two bones of the palate.


This is a removable appliance used to straighten the teeth in the lower jaw that are leaning toward the tongue. It is also used to increase the space available for adult teeth.

Orthopaedic appliances: Growth stimulation treatment

Dr. Garnier specializes in growth modification treatments, also called dento-facial orthopaedics, in children and adolescents. Based on the type of growth problem, treatment can be done at an early age (7 to 10 years) or during more active growth (between 11 and 14 years according to growth). Whether to stimulate growth in an under-developed upper jaw or to increase growth of a mandible that is too far back, orthopaedic appliances may be used at specific times during growth. Thanks to his techniques and expertise, and when they are treated at the right moment, jaw surgery may not be necessary in certain cases.

Conventional brackets (metal braces)

We use Inovation-R brackets by GAC, made with Japanese precision.

self-ligating brackets Each bracket includes a miniature door to hold the wire
, high performance, made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel. Small in size, it remains discreet and comfortable while developing soft but efficient forces. Its shape and size make it easy to care for.
Ceramic brackets (clear braces)

The Innovation-C bracket by GAC is an ultra-resistant, ceramic bracket made in Japan that offers unparallelled camouflage on the teeth. It blends in with the colour of your teeth and does not stain. It offers the same performance and comfort as the Inovation-R stainless steel bracket (link to conventional brackets) and has the advantage of being much less visible.


The Invisalign® technique uses a series of transparent and removable aligners that incorporate sequential movements to move your teeth. Dr. Garnier begins by creating a virtual and customized treatment plan on the computer. The planned movements are separated into sequences that Invisalign will reproduce in the aligners. Easy to care for and extremely comfortable, this technique is rapidly gaining in popularity. Dr. Garnier will advise you on the possibilities of a treatment with Invisalign®.