Fabrice Garnier Orthodontiste

Welcome to my orthodontic clinic!

My outstanding team and I strive to exceed your expectations in providing relaxed, professional orthodontic services. Our ongoing training, combined with experience supported by cutting-edge techniques, place us on the forefront of orthodontic services in the region.

Our success and popularity stem from the quality of our treatments as well as the enjoyment we take from working with our great clientèle. We treat each of our ''young'' clients with the same regard and the same enthusiasm, whether they are 7 or 77. Personally, I find it very enjoyable and very easy to communicate with the teenagers that make my orthodontics practice very pleasant.

First visit

You want to correct the alignment of your smile or your child's? The first step is a consultation appointment... +

At what age?

At Dr. Fabrice Garnier's orthodontic clinic, we suggest a first screening visit around the age of 7... +

Why an orthodontist?

A smile, whether your own or your child's, is very precious. Let an expert take care of it... +

Treating children

A wide array of treatments for children enable us to correct jaw size, improper alignment... +

Treating adolescents

Major changes occur during adolescence. A harmonious smile and properly positioned teeth are an asset... +

Treating adults

You are never too old to have a healthy smile. No matter what your age... +

Treatment with surgery

Orthodontics correctly position teeth on the jaws. It is also used to promote adequate jaw growth....+

Appliances and Techniques

Various types of appliances are used to increase the width of the upper jaw to harmonize it with the lower jaw...+

Troubleshooting Advice

The following is a list of unforeseen events that may occur with orthodontic appliances and solutions to help you manage them...+

Dr Fabrice Garnier Orthodontiste

Why choose an orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontic treatment obviously corrects the appearance of the teeth, however, there are many advantages beyond the radiant smile of your dreams...


Make an appointment with Dr Garnier, he can help you determine which option is the right one to improve the look of your smile